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Premier Pilates has a unique set of skills to offer. We have expanded Pilates to include valuable exercises from different movement systems, allowing us to create tailored programs that emphasize both mobility and stability of your spine and joints. You learn to be your own life-long body movement coach for good posture and pain free living. We offer complete programs for both rehabilitation and body conditioning. If you are recovering from surgery or injury, or you have been thinking about getting in great shape, please contact us to set up a time to come visit our studio and talk about how we can help you.

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Watch the video of Carol and Jenn talk about Premier Pilates and how their rehabilitation practice has helped them recovery from major surgeries.

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Pilates for Rehabilitation

A core specialty for Premier Pilates is rehabilitation. The goal of rehabilitative Pilates is to restore a client’s full physical function after injuries or surgeries, or to help correct and modify habitually poor movement patterns known to stress the muscular-skeletal system. When recovering after surgeries or injuries, Pilates exercise systems target a return to normal strength and joint range of motion. In the case of poor movement patterns, we teach our students to move better to reduce tissue strain or damage.  Our principal focus is on the thoracic spine, the rib cage, and hips. These are the areas that are commonly the stiffest, and most in need of mobilization so that they can move freely with a full natural range of motion. We have developed unique methods for mobilizing these stiffer areas that are critical to successful outcomes.
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Pilates for Body Conditioning

Premier Pilates body conditioning workouts are proven to provide a well-balanced, whole body workout. The biggest emphasis is put on developing a strong core – toned abdominals and strong back and hip musculature. Every Pilates exercise integrates the trunk, pelvis, and shoulder girdle to help achieve core control – movement of extremities supported by a strong core. We call this movement from the center out and it creates an evenly conditioned body, because it works all muscle groups. No muscle group is ever over or under trained.
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Pilates for Back Pain

There are many risk factors and stressors affecting our lower back: age, genetics, psychosocial stress, inadequate fitness, prolonged sitting or other strenuous body positioning, or specific health conditions (arthritis, osteoporosis, tumors, etc). At Premier Pilates, we believe that the biggest risk factor for back pain is poor posture. How we hold ourselves and how we move has tremendous impact on the health of our back. With us you will learn how to re-establish your proper posture and correct movement patterns, and, thus, regain, and maintain, a pain-free back.
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If you are looking to get in great shape or if you have an injury, we know that Premier Pilates can really help you. Details on our classes, pricing and schedule can be found here. For all new clients we offer a special introductory offer of 2 private sessions, saving 15%. Or you could save 20% buy booking 4 private sessions.
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